Thursday, 30 May 2013

Thursday Threads You're Just Jealous


Siobhan Muir's Thursday Threads and this week the phrase is 'you're just jealous'. For more stories, visit The Weird, the wild and the Wicked. xx

A bit of British speak going on in this one folks; sorry people from over the pond. xx

 “My dad can knock your dad out!”

 “My dad can knock your dad out first.”

 It had been one of those days; boys in the playground asserting their masculinity through their fathers eyes. Glad for the holidays, Gavin started as he meant to go on; a pint of larger as he waited for Zara.

“I’m telling you, I pulled Bianca just like that.”

“You’re just jealous! She’s well fit and wouldn't look twice at you mate.”

Gavin sighed. It seemed boys never grew out of their jealousy. He was relieved he had; confident in his own skin, a beautiful wife and six weeks off for the summer. He ordered another pint and Zara’s favourite as she walked through the door.  His pulse raced watching her saunter in; smoky eyes set on him, swaying her hips in skinny jeans. He smiled but it soon faded when the men at the bar wolf whistled.

Zara directed a sweet smile their way; Gavin clenched his fists.

“I wish you wouldn’t encourage them Zara.”

“It’s harmless Gavin. I’m sure girls eye you up.”

 “No. They don’t!”

“I think you’re just jealous, wanting some attention yourself,” she teased, ruffling his hair. He gripped her wrist, fixing a stony stare. “Gavin, calm down. It’s not a contest for crying out loud.” 

He loosened slightly, giving a warning glance to the two men. He wasn't jealous; he just liked control and needed to teach Zara a thing or two about it.



  1. Ooh a tale with a slightly sinister twist... I love it.
    Is that also a longing for the summer hols too??? ;-) x

    1. Just a bit; 6 weeks off. . . can't wait. Glad you liked Charley. Thanks for visiting. xx

  2. A man who likes to be in control.....not good!!! Keep him in his place. lol. I love it. She is just a carefree woman who is probably very faithful and loyal anyway so her man has nothing to worry about.

    1. I know but he's a bit of a bully; jealous people are aren't they? Glad you liked chicken. xx

  3. I like your story sums up jealousy brilliantly, he sound a bit controlling for my liking though, makes me think are holiday has just ended too!

    1. Thank you Clare. But not long until 6 weeks off!! xx