Wednesday 11 April 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

Woo hoo! After 8 weeks of blogging (seems a lot longer because it is such fun and sooooo much to write/talk about) I have been nominated with this gorgeous award or as Ugly Betty would call it 'A Bloggy' . It comes from someone I came across on  Love All Blogs and her fabulous  Tattooed Easter Eggs. It is of course The fabulous mom's Guide.

I love visiting and reading this blog because it very calming with fabulous ideas on crafts as well as how to a calmer person yourself! I need that in my life!!!! Especially when  my cat is not around to get soothing (to me) strokes!

Anyway, back to the award. It does come with rules and these rules are as followers;

  1. Thank the blogger who has awarded you and link back to them.
  2. Share seven things about yourself.
  3. Pass the award along to 5 other newly discovered blogs.
Right. . . . ok, number 1 has been done; to The Fabulous Mom's Guide another big thank you for taking time out to visit and read and comments back about my blog. It is the comments that spur a writer on, that they are indeed writing something worthwhile. It is much appreciated. And thank you again for the nomination. And everyone else . . go visit and read and if you like, which you will, comment.

Seven things. . . gulp . . this is quite tricky . . ok here goes . .  and if you already knew this about me, then I'll have to think of more things ;-)

  1.  I love a man in uniform; lucky Hubby works in one.
  2.  I was a Police Officer in the Met despite being on the short side.
  3.  I can eat any type of chocolate at any time of the day; I have been know to eat chocolate for breakfast.However, Philly Chocolate is yuk as is Marmite chocolate!  
  4.  I have written a  book and I'm hoping someone thinks it's good enough for the book shelves.
  5.  I have a BA (Hons) in Professional Studies in Learning and Development (a work based degree for teaching assistants).
  6.  When on holiday in Thailand in the 90's, my friend and I ditched the package tour and 'disappeared' for 4 days to one of the islands. When we got back, everyone was so pleased to see us as they thought the worst. There was a poster up asking if anyone had seen us. .  oops.
  7.  I love my Hubby, my son, my cat, my job, my friends, life and I love writing. I actually call myself a writer. . ooh er . . . get me!   
So there's seven rather simple facts about me that aren't Earth shattering or life changing or remotely exciting and it was the hardest part of this blog/award. Who said awards come easily? x

Now for five newly discovered blogs that are just as deserving, if not more so, than mine. And this is tricky too because there are so many I have recently discovered so I have chosen by the amount of visits/time spent on these blogs with these fab peeps.

  1.  Lillie McFerrin Writes
  2. The 1970's diet
  3. @themummyblogger
  4. @clairemsb
  5. @ninecentgirl
And I couldn't resist a couple more who have helped and inspired me with their tweets and comments.

   6.   @JessSturman  Thank you for all your very kind tweets and support and making it feel worthwhile on the long and now not so lonely road of a 'wanna be writer'; sorry 'writer'. xxx
   7.   @sthurley49    And thank you for your blogging over the past year which has made me sit up and ask; can I do that? And yes I can! So thank you for introducing me into this mad, mad, mad but gorgeous world of blogging! I love it.

So here is my list but it is by no means definitive. If you already have the award, I apologise, if not, it's my pleasure in nominating you. Now I need to get back organising my blog into writing and blogging . . . EEEKK because every time I meddle with it, something goes horribly wrong!

Happy writing/blogging peeps.

Love me. xxx


  1. Yay! Well done you! I recently got this too, it's nice to be loved isn't it!
    Well done on writing your book, have you had it published? A very impressive achievement I would love to be an author! Congrats again x

    1. No, the hardest part is getting it out there. I've sent it off loads, one company has suggested a professional assessment before sending it back to them; that's promising. But costs loads! One of the reasons I joined twitter, was to see if I could 'meet' anyone who could help. I noticed you had the award already . . it's tough dishing it out to peeps isn't it as you don't want to leave anyone out! Very hard but as you say nice to be loved. And thanks for the lovely comment xxxxx

  2. Congrats well deserved.. Looking forward to more..

    1. Thank you chicken. And congrats to you too and looking forward to your posting. xxx

  3. Thankyou for nominating me, have written mine and boy was it hard finding 7 things about yourself.
    Thanks again

    1. I know; that took me ages; nearly a week since I got it but then had to work out the links too. I shall look forward very much to your 7 things. And it's well deserved. xxxx

  4. Congrats and thank you :) I am also a huge sucker for a man in uniform and chocolate!!! Some of the best things in life :D