Tuesday, 10 April 2012

How can you eat these?????

Some cupcakes made by me; pinched from an idea found on Pinterest. Cute is not the word:

They were quite easy to make and very fun to do. The hardest part was eating them! They were just too darn cute!!! But it's not like I gave them names or anything otherwise that would have been impossible. Never name your food!
Anyway, they had a trip to a friend's house where the first sheep was selected for slaughter, sorry to be eaten. And then the rest followed, as sheep do . . and they were yummy!
I guess if you're going to make cute food, be prepared to eat it!

I'm going to make some more for Cooking Club and the school library opening; we're thinking of these as the sheep from Babe by Dick King Smith. A cute little piggy in the middle for Babe will be making an appearance too. Can't wait! But willl they be too cute to eat?

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  1. I am LOVING these cupcakes! Fab! I may have to try! x