Friday, 11 September 2015

Don't Be Shy

Shyness isn't something people could accuse me of but when it comes to my debut novel The Adventures of Katie Button, I could have done that little bit more. So, here are some of the reviews I have received from wonderful readers. I have 17 in total which is amazing!

Katie Button is on offer right now, 99p/ 99c Amazon UK Amazon US if you fancy a little giggle with 'quirky and kooky' Katie. 

Reviewer: Leah

I received a review copy

the adventures of katie buttonReview:

In The Adventures of Katie Button, Katie Button is your average person. She likes concerts, chocolate, watching T.V., and shopping. She and her best friend work at a marketing firm, where they have the supervisor from Hell that dislikes her. The thing that isn’t average about her, is that she is having these extremely vivid dreams. In all of her intense dreams, she is involved with this hunky man James, but they are sadly parted. Her dreams take place from all reaches of time and sometimes in different languages. Katie doesn’t think much of it, that is until she discovers that one of her new bosses is a dead ringer for her dream man, and they even share the same name. Unfortunately, “reality” James isn’t much interested in her or nearly as charming; while his older brother Jack seems more her type. When the dreams won’t stop, and threaten to be a problem at work and in her new relationship with Jack, she seeks help and discovers that these realistic dreams are more than she ever imagined. These dreams are fragments of her memories from her past lives, as she and James are soul mates. Now she has to try and reunite them, while at the same time excel at her job and keep her evil overlord supervisor from firing her.
I am not one that is interested in paranormal tales, reincarnation, or anything of that semblance, but I extremely enjoyed this tale. And the main reason for why I had trouble putting this book down? Katie Button. Katie Button was an all-around fun character who the reader could relate to. Katie was just a regular girl who could be awkward at times, didn’t always make the best decisions, and was more at home watching Diagnosis Murder marathons than clubbing or partying. Her wit, compassion, and all around character are a lot of fun and incredibly endearing. I could have just read about her everyday life without the dreams and past lives, and had been just as entertained. I thought it was a great read and give it a four out of five stars.

And if you like what readers have said, here's that all important blurb: 

What happens when your dreams collide with reality?

Katie Button doesn’t believe in soulmates. When charismatic Jack Masterson asks her out on a date, despite him being her new boss alongside his more aloof brother, James, she agrees.

But her romantic dreams about a dashing highwayman, heroic gladiator and Tudor lord are becoming more frequent. And, worryingly, they feel real. She remembers every detail, every touch, every kiss. Until she realises the man in her dreams is James.

But Katie doesn’t even like James. And what about Jack, who is whisking her away for sexy mini breaks in the here and now?

Katie knows she needs to put an end to her dreams before they ruin her life. But how?

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