Saturday 18 February 2012

I am a technophobe and I’m not afraid to admit it

So here we are a few day’s into joining Twitter and starting a blog. Feeling rather smug at achieving these feats of genius even though to the rest of the world they are as easy as breathing (although breathing can be quite tricky when you have the lung capacity of a 60 a day smoker when you’re trying to run  for just 10 minutes on a treadmill going nowhere fast. But that’s another story). Anyway, the smugness has all but disappeared as quickly as the Gremlins have now appeared. Yes, my sudden entry into this techno world is now all a bit grim.

  Have you ever been to told to leave well alone? If it’s not broken don’t try to fix it? Me too. But it has obviously got lost in translation somewhere between my ears and my brain which isn’t far unless you listen to my husband who has told me on numerous occasion that there’s an endless void between my ears because I forget things so easily; like if it’s not broken don’t try to fix it, or please do not reverse the car; ever!! I did and needless to say it now has the optional extra of a dent in the side and that’s the second time. The first, I try not to talk about as we only had the car a few weeks before I decided to reverse and scraped it all along the side. Panicking, I phoned hubby only to be told to wait until I got home . . .  that ruined the start of my day and trip to London or so I thought. A little mooch around Harrods and all was forgotten.

   Anyway, I messed about. Yes I messed and fiddled with my blog entry and log in details and account details because, well I don’t know really, resulting in being told it was no longer available. ARRRRGGGGGG- you get the picture. I can’t describe how I felt in not being able to access my blog with a lovely new background of hearts which took forever to achieve.  A few choice words were whispered as I tried to undo what I had done. I had to whisper as hubby sleeping as on night shift and even when talking, he say’s my voice can penetrate through a 10ft concrete wall.  Charming . . .  but true. I was on the phone, talking to a friend for about an hour this morning and could hear the fidgeting, moaning and then the footsteps from upstairs.  Ruined my conversation.  I know night shift is hard but trust me; not being able to chat is harder! 

    I don’t know how or what or even when, but my blog is back and hopefully back for good (cheers Gary Barlow).  Maybe it didn’t go anywhere. I suspect it was there all the time only I couldn’t access it. This says a lot about me and my techno ability.  But there is a glimmer of hope and it can only get better the more I blog, post and explore. So long Technophobe, hello blogger and Twitter. Next- to master a smart phone but need to own one first!  


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