Thursday 18 February 2016

Thurs Threads Wk204 Probably For The Best

Opening her eyes, Angie took a moment to register the strange sensation of hanging upside down in the now battered car. After a quick examination realising a few cuts and bruises were all she sustained, Angie scrambled from the broken window, landing on a soft blanket of grass, letting the sun’s setting rays kiss her skin.

“A hand here please!” A gruff voice punctuated with loud coughing interrupted Angie’s peaceful moment.
After unclipping  Rob’s seatbelt, Angie didn’t offer any further help, enjoying his struggle from the wreck.

Rob eyed the scrap in front of him. “Probably for the best, no doubt they’ll be searching for this now.” He scanned his surroundings. “We’ll take a look over there. Sure that farm will have a car.” He lit up a cigarette, inhaling deeply. “That was some roll,” he said, chuckling quietly. “Check the cargo, Gorgeous.”

Trying to open an upturned boot was hard but eventually, it sprung open as the cargo fell out. Angie dragged it away from the car by the bound legs and rolled her over. Not a sound escaped the young teen’s lips. A swift kick to the ankles did nothing. The girl lay motionless. “She’s dead. Looks like a broken neck.”

“Great,” sighed Rob. “It’s a shame. She was a pretty little thing.” But his stern face softened as his gaze met Angie’s. “Maybe it’s not just a car we help ourselves to down on that farm.”


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  1. Wow! Great twist! I hope whoever lives at the farm isn't home!! :)

  2. Wow, Lizzie! Not what I was expecting! Sharp and not-so-sweet!