Monday 30 November 2015

Festive London Day Out

I love London! Regular readers may already know this from previous blog posts. It's that time of year when I visit London to soak up the festive atmosphere, have a cheeky little tipple and walk my little socks off despite having a travel card!! Year five of doing this now . . .  And it never gets boring.

 First things first, a cake and drink was needed as we waited at the station for friends to arrive. Fuel for the day ahead.
                                                                    Yummy Gingerbread muffin

 When we all met up, we headed off to Harrods, walking from Victoria. I love this walk. It takes you past pretty mews, great big white town houses and cute little shops as well as cars that would make Jeremy Clarkson drool.

Now, I love Harrods. Not because I used to work there. Not because I met my now hubby there. It's a place I visited as a child when I lived in Chelsea. It's a place I've always been in awe of. There Christmas department has always been a magical, twinkling place. But not this year. In fact, the past few years, the Christmas dept has slowly got worse, like no one really can be bothered with any more. It used to be themed; A Christmas Carol, The wizard of Oz have featured. But lately, it just seems like tat; over priced tat.

And they have this awful room, full of dead animal skin. I can't believe in the 21st century, people still find it acceptable to wear fur!!!! A bloodthirsty room that is far from beautiful.


 We found these in one room, signed footballs by the two greatest footballers in the world (at the moment); Messi and Ronaldo. Taking the pics, the assistant asked if I needed any help to which I politely said, 'no'. He said that the balls would make great gifts. No doubt they would for those who have the cash. He then told me they had a 10% discount! On the one hand, I was rather smug to think he thought I had this type of money and on the other, I couldn't stop laughing. Even if the four of us clubbed together, we couldn't afford one of these footballs. Top marks for trying.

 After our little bimble round Harrods and buying some pastries in the bakery part of the Food Halls, we wondered over to Hyde Park where Winter Wonderland was in full festive fun.

              Minion Madness in Winter Wonderland

Hot chocolate with Baileys and Mulled Cider were our tipples as we wandered around the stalls, soaking in all the festive fun, browsing the many stalls. 

Then on to Oxford Street for Selfridges and to see the lights.

Once we came out of Selfridges, it was dark and the lights were amazing. Photos do not do the lights justice.

                                                    Selfridges shop windows are just as fabulous! This one is Capricorn which is my star sign . . .Yay!! It's my birthday soon!!!!!!  

And to finish a fantastic festive day in London . . . 
Cheers xxx

How about sharing your festive outings/traditions. Be lovely to hear from you. xxxx



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  1. Sounds like lots of fun! I'm with you on the fur though...fake all the way! Enjoy the festive season Lizzie xxxx