Saturday 14 July 2012

The Final Countdown!!!!!

There are times when you have a fab idea for a blog post and the words just flow which is fantastic. There are, however, times when you do not have an idea but you know you want to write as you’re in the mood to share and this is one of those times. It’s not that I do not have an idea. It’s just I have already written two blog posts on the subject so I thought about what else is happening in my world. And it just so happens that it is coming up to the summer holidays which means winding down at work and indeed is the final countdown to summer (if the sun can join us, that would be awesome).

So here is the Final Countdown to the glorious six weeks off . . . . . .

1.     We had our end of term works do last night and it was a pub quiz which was awesome. Now loyal and regular blog followers will know that the pub quiz is a mixed bag for my team because we were sad at coming second from last and not getting the booby prize but gobsmacked at coming third and second because we’re usually so dire. Well last night we had high expectations as last year, we actually won! We argued, debated, over though, laughed, drank, ate and argued some more. We had the advantage of having The Mad American on our team so when we asked about the biggest state in America, she said Texas which I said too. But I’m not American. Someone else had their wits about them and said Alaska which actually was right. There were some other dumb arse questions about America and we got them all wrong! In fact, if we didn’t over think most questions, we would have probably won as we were second by only three points! The drink didn’t help either!

2.    Change! A part of life but I hate it. And every summer, we have this huge change of kids leaving, moving class, new peeps to work with and tying up loose ends. It’s a funny few days filled with parties, gifts and tears during the leaver’s assembly.

3.    Preparing to cook up a storm. There is a whole new world to the end of the summer term. The generosity of the gifts from the kids is amazing. And the shops have cottoned on; filled with Best teacher/Teaching Assistant for at least a month now. Being a baker, I like to be creative this time of year and give a treat handmade by me. It says so much more. Especially when Hubby sees the state of the kitchen. Which brings me to . . .

4.       Hubby! He is not happy at No 1 Son being around for six weeks and worse, me being around demanding the usual day’s out, pub lunches and togetherness! He likes his ‘me time’ of which is going to be nonexistent. Obviously No 1 Son will be doing his own thing and will come home when hungry or skint or both! So Hubby, on your days off its ‘Hasta la vista, baby’ to the Xbox 360!  

5.       The sun! And I don’t mean the Murdoch rag. I’m talking about the biggest star in the sky and its shyness so far this summer. Generally by now, I’ve been wilting in the heat, even melting. This time I’ve been getting soaked nearly every day either walking to work or walking home and don’t even get me started on the stress involved in trying to dry the washing out on the line! Usually by August, the rain comes and makes for a rather miserable summer. However, seeing as we have that already, I am hoping that the sun will come to the great summer party of six weeks off and I am counting down the days and counting on that jet stream to bugger off! And do you know why we have the jet stream hanging over us? America has a heatwave which is causing it. So for us to have our summer, America needs to lose there's so the jet stream does bugger off. Sorry Mad American. The garden needs my sun lounger and I need to finish reading Wicked and try to cope with the 50 Shades drivel; in the sun!!

6.       My lovely friend will be leaving me again. Every summer, The Mad American goes home to New York State and every summer, I see her before she goes, get really sad and become a Facebook-a-phobe because she has better things to do.  She’s counting down the days to glorious American sunshine and I’m slowly counting down the days until she goes. L However, she does bring back peanut butter M&M’s which are awesome. I so should have been born American although Hubby said if I was, I’d be the size of Alaska- which is the biggest state my Mad American friend, not Texas. (See above pics).

7.       The 30 day #BlogFlash for August 2012! I said YES!!! 100 words each day on a different prompt! Will I do it? You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled to find out . .
And that is it, I think. My little countdown to lazy summer days, busy family fun and becoming ‘Ladies what Lunch’ as we get together for relaxing summer gossip over a Spritzer and a Pimms.

Happy summer all and let’s give a big shout out to that beautiful, much needed summer accessory; the sun!  

Love Me xxxx

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  1. Very very funny!!!! Alaska does look bigger, darn it!!!! Trick question I feel. I am sure next time we will win. If you really think about it, it would be so boring if we kept winning. We need to keep others surprised at what our outcome will be. lol The only part I don't like about this blog is that the US should lose their summer so you can have yours here. Sorry but no. Won't happen. So I am assuming you want some more peanut butter m & m's brought back to you? Excellent blog chickadee. I know you will keep me entertained over the summer too. xxxxx