Monday 7 December 2015

The Adventures of Katie Button Pt 4 J-M

J - M

Continuing with the A-Z of Katie Button, we're here at J through to M where you can have a sneak peek into Katie's life. If you want to read more, hop over to  Amazon US Amazon UK where you can buy Katie Button for 99p/99c for a limited time.

James and Jack, the two love interests in Katie’s life.
James and Jack are brothers who also successfully run a branding company together alongside their father, John.
Jack is the oldest and a bit of playboy. He has a naughty twinkle in his blue eyes which attracts Katie’s attention. Whisking her away on luxury mini breaks, Katie is hooked and ready for flirty fun.
James on the other hand is dull compared to James but he does bail her out a few times when Katie has a few mishaps. He is also the subject of Katie’s romantic and sexy dreams which leaves Katie blushing in his presence.
Another J is for Johanna. She is super bitch and really doesn’t warm to Katie, or anyone for that matter. Stomping over everyone to get where she wants to be, is Johanna’s strength as well as belittling Katie and Alana as part of her everyday role.

Kisses and Katie
There’s plenty of kissing going on in Katie’s life and dreams.

Here’s a few words readers have used to describe Katie: quirky, passionate, kooky, funny, a regular girl who could be awkward at time but who the reader could relate to. witty, compassionate and loyal. She loves chocolate, pastries and brownies. She is always writing lists, some of which, if in the wrong hands could get her into a lot of trouble. She adores shoes and boots to distraction. Oh, and she loves mojitos and cheese strings. But she’s not perfect. On the wrong side of her line manager, Johannah, Katie finds herself justifying her every move losing her confidence. She’s a bit of a daydreamer and chatterbox, thinking about Hollywood movies rather than the business in the boardroom. And she hides Heat behind her work papers; looking conscientious but far from it.

Love Lust

The Adventures of Katie Button is a chicklit/romance so love features heavily as well as lust. In her dreams, Katie experiences the power of love where when she wakes up, she still experiences the feeling. Lust is reserved for Jack. He’s not the man you;d take home to your mother and Katie knows this but can’t help the attraction of his playful, sexy nature.

London is the main setting of Katie Button. I love London and have lived and worked in London so it seemed natural to have this marvellous city as the backdrop to Katie’s life. However, Katie’s dreams take her further afield . . .


Mentioned earlier, Katie loves them so much, it seemed perfect for M. It’s her favourite drink; elegant, sophisticated and rather yummy! A few messy situations occur after a mojito or several . . . 


There's a playlist to accompany Katie Button. Katie Button Playlist . Enjoy. x

Rum based cocktails, mojito on the left. Yummy

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