Friday 8 April 2016

A-Z of The Adventures of Katie Button N-Q

It's been a while since I posted in my A-Z of Katie Button series. I've been busy writing Katie Button, the sequel and am nearing the end on the final chapter. Exciting times!!! But still working on a title. At present my chicklit romance novel, The Adventures of Katie Button is only 99p/c.

Back to the A-Z where we talk notebooks and quarrels.  

Katie loves her notebooks. She can’t resist the feel of a crisp, new notebook. There can never be too many notebooks and Katie doesn’t need a reason to add to her large collection of all different sizes and colours. She uses them like a diary, writing what’s in her head, mostly taking the shape of lists. The notebooks are extremely private and Katie closely guards what's written in them as at times, she writes without much thought, using it to vent her frustrations. But she's not worried about the content because it's highly unlikely the notebooks will fall into the wrong hands . . .

A snippet from one of Katie's Notebooks

Opera Office
Opera? The closest Katie comes to opera is when she’s in Covent Garden (home of Royal Opera House) having a few beers with friends, enjoying the street entertainment. But James enjoys opera. It's one of the first things Katie learns about James and she judges him on it. Not a good start when they first meet . . .

The office, Katie’s place of work. With her best friend, Alana sitting opposite her, Katie enjoys her job as she can sit and gossip and share pastries with their lattes.The odd appearance of eye candy in her bosses as they stride through is a bonus. And like any office environment there's a clash of personalities and of course there's the work.

Peter & Past lives
Katie meets Peter through her flatmate, Laura and Laura's boyfriend, Neil. Peter opens Katie’s mind to hypnotism and regression, exploring her dreams and past lives. It’s Peter who makes Katie realise what her past lives are trying to tell her and what they mean. But all he can do is explore their meaning. It's up to Katie to act on it or choose to ignore it. 
Peter is also the baker of the best brownies in the entire universe and each time Katie experiences a regression into her past lives, brownies are waiting for her.
Past lives experienced by Katie are: Ancient Rome (Iacobus the gladiator), Tudor England, Georgian England (the highwayman), Edwardian England (Titanic), England during WWI (1917), Italy (undated but dress and transport suggest late 1800's). 
Gooey, chocolatey, fudgy brownies hit the spot after a regression


Katie’s dreams and love interests (yes, that is plural) result in a few quarrels between colleagues, friends, brothers and lovers. Most of the arguments centre around Katie and her past lives. There are even quarrels in the past life experiences. As with some quarrels, things are said that can't be taken back and truths are revealed. 


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