Friday, 5 December 2014

You Watched The Whole Thing Thursday Threads (Won an Honorable mention)

The following tale won a Honorable Mention. Yay. xx

Mason sat on the porch, swigging an ice cold beer as the cool, salty air rolled over him, caressing his skin. Large fluffy clouds drifted by and he remembered laying on the beach seeing how many animals he could make. Today he admired their purity as they drifted elegantly across a pale blue sky which met the ocean in a sharp defining line.
    The sinking sun caused the horizon to blur with the sky, never ending bleak grey devouring the ribbons of red sunset. Was this what the world would be like now? Grey. Black. Dark. Always dark. He inhaled deeply, the air fresh, sending chills through him but embracing every ounce, the last second of day.
He wasn’t alone as the delicate floral scent hit his nostrils.
     “Impeccable timing,” Mason said.
     “Every second of the night counts,” she replied.  “I take it you watched?”
     “The whole thing. From sunrise this morning to darkness.” Mason turned, meeting the pale porcelain like face staring back at him, framed in a bed of loose, dark curls.
     Her blood red lips broke into a grin. White fangs glistened. “Don’t worry,” she said, reading his mind. “It’ll only hurt a bit. Just a teeny, tiny, bit.” Her kiss was tender. Mason held his breath as her cold lips travelled to his neck, soft like a feather before plunged her fangs deep within. . .
     “Welcome to darkness,” she purred as her blood coursed through his veins.  

Written for Siobhan Muir over at The Weird, The Wild and the Wicked for Thursday Threads.    

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