Friday 4 January 2013

# 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop

Day 11


The Crimson Moon

It was a magical force that made the full moon appear on the stroke of midnight.  Anya expected it from her visit to the new tiny gift shop on the beach earlier. The airy fairy woman behind the counter became intense as she touched Anya’s hand.  Her face became still as stone, her eyes became large spheres of darkness as her piano fingers with long scarlet nails gripped Anya’s wrist.  Anya was used to funny stares and odd behaviour; she stood out with her deep red curly locks compared to the icy blondes of the village and was quite bemused by the woman’s behaviour.  
“The Feast of the Crimson Moon is upon us. Be prepared.”  Anya stared at the full moon with an unusual reddish hue. A full moon wasn’t due for another week according to her calendar yet here it was and it seemed to beckon to Anya.  
She didn’t know where she was going but her feet carried her off confidently through the woodland towards the beach. Anya noticed three things on her walk; the gift shop was no longer there, the night sky had not one twinkling star and a huge wooden table sat by the sea, the water hungrily lapping at the sturdy legs.  
The moon deepened, almost crimson as a sweet feast appeared on the table; too much for one person. A sweet perfume surrounded Anya as she ate, the waves unnoticed, lapping against the table, higher and higher they rose, surrounding it and Anya like an island. Soon the rising water was caressing her long red hair but Anya was not afraid. She felt for the first time in her life that she belonged as the waves completely submerged her.  She smiled as her family welcomed her home. Looking up, Anya saw the twinkling of the stars before she swam away.

Slightly over the word count (again). Couldn't help it. If you enjoyed this then take a look at the other entries for day 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop, hosted by a jar of fireflies


  1. Beautifully told, I thought she was a goner but so glad that she found happiness and family at the end :)

  2. Magical! Caught the sense that she needed to belong somewhere and it wasn't where she'd been. Going home, always good!

  3. Oh, I do love happy endings. I was preparing myself for a drowning, but no! The misfit finds her home! Lovely!