Thursday, 11 July 2013

Thursday Threads "I'll See You There Darling."

“It’ll be perfect Della,” gushed Craig as he clasped Della’s hands, staring into her eyes that reminded him of dark pools of chocolate waiting to me devoured. Her gaze met his; his crystal blue eyes glinting like the sea on a hot summer’s day. She liked that. It was her favourite childhood memory; visiting the seaside with a bucket and spade, burying her father up to his neck in cold, wet sand before eating jam sandwiches that crunched with every sandy bite.

Then one day, he was gone.
Her mum had said he died.
But in her teens, Della saw him with a new family and in that moment her trust splintered until Craig.
She believed in him, so when he said it was ‘perfect’, it was.   

“Now are you ready?” Craig asked getting to his feet. He was so tall, masterful, and powerful. Della followed into a large hall where others sat; his followers eagerly waiting for him; their charismatic leader, promising Nirvana.   

She joined the circle, sitting cross legged; her eyes never once leaving Craig’s. Everyone else had a goblet and sipped. Craig handed her his goblet, folding her hands around it.

“Della, one sip and your pain and suffering will cease.” He watched as Della raised the goblet to her pink lips and sipped; grimacing at the metallic taste. “Good girl.”
“Nirvana,” she whispered, holding Craig’s hand.
“I’ll see you there, darling.” He winked and sipped.
Goblets clattered to the floor, followed by silence.


Thursday Threads!!  This week's prompt was 'I'll see you there darling" and I pretty much had an idea straight away and wrote. Thanks for reading. If you want to see what other amazing writers have come up with, then please visit Siobhan Muir at The Weird, The Wild and The Wicked 


  1. Loved this, for some reason I thought he was going to propose, so glad it was something much more. Great writing once again x

  2. I agree with Laura!! This turned out so much differently than I expected and I loved the surprise!!! Excellent twist!!! :)

  3. Love it Mrs. Koch. I thought he was going to propose too and try to make her forget about her past by placing all her trust in him. I love the name Della too. At least they will be happy together in their next life!!

  4. This turned out differently than I expected. Loved the story and the way you brought us into Della's mind.

  5. Love it a brilliant tale with a twist, More We want more :) x