Thursday 18 April 2013

Thursday Threads 'Not Even Once'


 This story won an Honorable Mention from the lovely purplequeen Miranda Kate.  

          Thursday Threads time hosted by Siobhan Muir over at The Weird, The Wonderful & The Wicked.
This week's prompt is the phrase "not even once" which must appear withing the story of no more that 250 words. This is my attempt. xxx


Kieran stood in the shadows, above the streets as darkness swamped the city bringing with it a dense, creeping fog. This was the time filled with murderous intent causing grim violence among the unsuspecting innocent. He watched, ready to intercept. It wouldn't be long before a victim made himself or herself willing to the predator that needed to feed the urge, sustain the feeling of power and by doing so accept who he was.

 It was harder now than in the earlier days as the gruesome remains reminded people that night time was no time to be wandering the city. The gas lighting provided little light and gave the fog an eerie glow as it lay heavy like a blanket to protect the monster who unleashed such brutality without conscience.

 Kieran’s senses were alerted. He watched closely, peering through the fog, his hearing picking out the footsteps; a drunk stumbling home after spending all his wages in the local inn, reeking of gin. A prime target on such a night for the inhuman predator.

 There was no time to scream as the drunk hit the pavement with such force, his head split like a ripe melon; the limpness making the job easier as the predator devoured, trying to feed his insatiable appetite, not even once entertaining the thought of capture.

 It was over in seconds. Kieran wiped his mouth and with one spring was back on the roof tops waiting for his next victim to wander into his path.

249 (excluding title)


  1. Wow, so dark! Although, given your Flash! Friday post from last week, I shouldn't be surprised ;) I kind of feel bad for your predator, with heightened senses, having to devour someone "reeking of gin", though.

    1. Thanks Aria; I shall try and write a lighthearted piece at some point. But I have to agree with you about feeling sorry for the predator. xxx

  2. Deliciously dark - love it!! :-)