Friday, 26 April 2013

Flash! Friday #21

OK, so this week the challenge is this gorgeous pic of blue skies, fresh green leaves and a ladder going to . . . .
But this week, the lovely Rebekah Postupak has set the word limit at 100 words exactly!!!! A 100 words!!! Impossible!! Well I love a challenge and despite the rewrites, chopping and editing, I have come up with exactly 100 words. I hope you enjoy this very short tale and if you do, then hop over to for more amazing stories and yes, only 100 words. xx  

Forbidden Ladder

Finch had enough of apple picking from the bountiful trees in the King’s orchard. Yearning for adventure, he decided to climb the forbidden ladder.  
Boldly touching a wooden rung, he immediately felt like he was being stung by a swarm of bees. But he couldn’t let go. His eyes widened in horror as his fingers changed in front of him, forming into branches with twigs and leaves; slowly spreading up towards his shoulders, his chest tightening as the transformation was nearing completion.
Now Finch knew where the King’s bountiful trees came from as he became part of the orchard forever.



  1. Oooo. I like it! A solid story in 100 words. :)

  2. Reposting from the Flash! Friday site, just in case :)

    So dark, as almost always But evocative and filled with wonderful imagery!

  3. Fab imagery and deliciously dark - I LOVE it!!! :-) xx