Thursday 13 November 2014

Take Care Of Him ThursThreads

I haven't written for ThursdayThreads over at The wierd, The Wild and the Wicked , hosted by Siobhan Muir for like a gazillion years. Thought I'd try it this week and hoping it gets easier! xxx

Jack couldn’t carry on as blood seeped through the bandage wrapped around his thigh, trickling down his leg. He’d told them to just leave him, but Carl refused.
“We’re not far from the river,” began Carl. “We’ll go scout the area, you take care of him, until we get back,”  he ordered Laura. She watched as they were swallowed up by jungle in seconds.
“You’re slowing us down,” Laura whispered. It was a simple mission; retrieve the data, kill a few bad guys and get rescued. But there was no data. Just Jack and he was a liability. “I don’t want to die out here,” she said, kneeling over Jack.
“We won’t. Carl will get us back.”
 She pressed a damp cloth to his forehead. 
Vulnerability crept in along with the night. 
Carl would be back shortly and he wouldn’t go until Jack was ready. She was going to die.
Sliding the cloth down his face, she stopped before pressing hard over his mouth and nose, her knees locking his arms until he became still.
“We’ve sussed out the route,” Carl said, returning not long after. “How’s Jack?”
She knew Carl would check and then they could move out and Laura was already thinking of hot baths.
“We’ve got to back in,” said Carl, still looking down at Jack, noticing a purple tinge around his mouth.
“Jack had the data in his head. And because of you we’re all going back.”


And Yay! It won a Honorable Mention. x