Friday, 9 August 2013

Flash!Friday #36 Behind the Smile

Flash!Friday with Rebekah Postupak and a mean 99 words this week . . . there's only one good thing about 99; the ice cream with a delicious chocolate flake but here, it's been a nightmare trying to get a story into 99 words!! But after much cutting and dicing, I have come up with this little tale from the photograph of today's prompt.   

Behind the Smile

Bill stared at his old, cuffed hands. Silently, a photo was placed in front of him. Familiarity flickered in aging eyes, then pain. 
“Tell me about this photograph Bill,” the soft voice coaxed. “This is you?” He pointed to the baby where the nurse’s hand touched his ear.
“She’s pinching my ear; smiling away . . . . . . . No one knew what she did to me.  . . . . . . . For years  . . . .  I suffered . . . .  . . with her evil.”  
“I can see behind her smile Bill. This explains your vicious attacks on nurses. You’ll get nothing but sympathy in court, I’ll make sure of it,” his lawyer smiled confidently.   



  1. Ooo, evil man. Attacking nurses is never good. Throw the book at him!

    1. I totally agree Lesley! Thanks for stopping by. xx

  2. awesome excuses and twists !! :) x

  3. awesome excuses and twists !! :) x